Getting it Right First Time: Early Intervention and Prevention

9th September 2011

There is now recognition of the importance of early intervention and prevention in work with children and young people to reduce the incidence of abuse and emotional and physical neglect, family breakdown, social exclusion and to avoid outcomes that would diminish rather than enhance a child’s or adolescent’s potential.

BASPCAN recently teamed up with Research in Practice to deliver a conference which underpinned good practice and developments and encouraged relationship based interventions to enhance outcomes for children and young people.

The conference, held atWarwickUniversityConferenceParkinCoventry, drew in an impressive audience made up of practitioners and policy makers from local authorities and agencies from all over the country.

Sarah facilitated a workshop entitled ‘Safeguarding: Early Intervention with Care and Creativity’. The workshop was designed in the wake of Eileen Munro’s review of child protection, with a view to instigating the use of new and fresh approaches, to bring the experience of the child to the forefront of safeguarding practice.

Participants enjoyed the conference and took away lots of useful information, summing it up as ‘A comprehensive and informative snapshot of key issues around early intervention, and introduction to current advances’.

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