HCPT Trust Conference 2011

3rd September 2011

As a part of our work with HCPT – The Pilgrimage Trust, Sarah was asked to speak and run a number of workshops for their annual trust conference.

Sarah updated the audience on the work so far including the Safeguarding Audit Trips toLourdes.

The next step in our work with HCPT is create an ‘easy read’ safer practice handbook to sit alongside the new policy and procedures. In order to ensure that the handbook is user friendly and meets the needs of the volunteers, Sarah facilitated four workshops at the conference. This encouraged delegates to share their ideas and vision about what should be included and how they would ideally use the book.

She continued to raise the importance of the golden thread approach to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults throughout the ethos of HCPT.

Speaking after the conference, she commented: ‘The conference highlighted how much people are already person centred and acting in the best interest to keep Pilgrims safe. It was also useful to continue to highlight best practice. The over whelming response to the call of volunteers to act as safeguarding advisors was fantastic and very much appreciated. A number of these self nominated people will be attending training this year.

Personally I would like to thank everyone in attendance for their contributions.’