Working with BME & Faith Communities to Protect Children and Young People

4th July 2012

On the 4th July 2012 The Athena Programme sponsored the Community Care conference. The event was aimed at practitioners and managers working in safeguarding and child protection roles, who were interested in looking at the different aspects and views of safeguarding children within BME and faith communities.

Over the course of the day speakers from various backgrounds took to the stage to cover topics such as:

  • Forced marriage
  • FGM
  • Spirit possession
  • Disguised compliance

Prior to the conference Community Care put considerable time and effort into researching the different areas of the subject to cover, which would be relevant and interesting to the target audience. The chosen topic to discuss was ‘Exploring the Journey for Families to Understand Acceptable Disciplinary Methods’ which covered:

  • Recognising what constitutes abuse
  • Practical approaches for working with families who use physical chastisement to discipline a child
  • Working with the family to change their view on what constitutes an abuse

This seminar was to be delivered to approximately 60 people. The cardboard cut outs were in the audience to help walk participants through a particular case study of abuse which occurred in a religious environment.

One attendee said:

‘The presentation was an upbeat and lively model of information sharing. Explaining “norms!” is always a contentious one and the presenter did a great job getting the message across.’

Nicholas Barnes, Social Worker, London Borough of Lewisham

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