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Lucy was one of the very first employees and after a break she is back in the role of Business Manager.

Initially amongst many other things, Lucy was instrumental in implementing a number of systems and processes throughout the business, developing our website and assisting in setting up our associate framework… all of which are still in place to this day.

In more recent roles Lucy has worked across several different industries and a variety of different departments, absorbing as much knowledge as possible, whilst developing her communication, leadership and decision making skills.

Out of hours she dedicated herself to completing her Foundation Degree in Business, which provided her with a solid understanding of the major elements and requirements of a modern, successful business.

She now plans to put her wealth of newly gained experience and skills, along with her broadened understanding of business, into practice at Athena to aid in progressing things even further.

Outside of work, Lucy loves to travel the country to find new spots to walk her beloved dog, Molly, and travel the globe to find new spots to eat and drink with her partner. They recently bought a renovated farm house together, which is over 300 years old, and are spending much of their spare time shopping for beautiful pieces of furniture, which are in keeping with the style and feel of the building.