Note from the MD

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You know when life is good when you wake up each morning and love going to work. This I do, and have done, since founding Athena in 2007. For I know that our work reaches out to so many people whether they are professionals, volunteers, children, young people, elder persons and communities – we can make a difference!

It is heart-warming and an honour to see and be part of organisational transformation. Equally, it is as satisfying to see how an individual can grow.

Whether this comes through attending one of our conferences, participating in a training session or by having the reassurance of a quality policy document to refer to, even simply seeing a smile from an employee – my work is my inspiration.  You can be certain that safeguarding and the protection of the vulnerable are what drive me and the company forward.

Caring and creativity are intrinsic to Athena’s business and at the core of delivering an excellent service.

It is about wanting to make the world a better place.

Our strengths are that we are open to other people’s views and working in true partnership. Above all, my team’s commitment to finding solutions for our customers is inspiring, abundant and measureable. They and I pride ourselves in responding to your safeguarding needs at all levels.

We can make your organisation safer with passion, care and with resourcefulness.

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Dr Sarah Carlick 

Managing Director