Our Creative Approach

Book to take part in training sessions with Athena and you are guaranteed to have fun, time for reflection and the space in which to enhance your emotional intelligence – now that’s a promise!

We will expose you to innovative ideas and creations that will transport you to the heart of those critical safeguarding issues you need to know about.

We believe training should always be a rewarding and an exciting experience for all participants – and we use the creative arts to really get you involved.  Exercises typically feature Lego, puppets, toys, games, scenarios relevant to your circumstances and business needs, together with socio- drama and role play.

Such techniques are known as ‘action methods’ and they enable you to view safeguarding from a variety of perspectives other than your own.

You’ll delve into your chosen topic discovering creative abilities you didn’t know you had – and along the way the learning will be both compelling and entertaining.

Groups are facilitated with an understanding of adult experiential-learning, natural spontaneity and creativity through activities which foster connection, trust, safety and a sense of lively exploration.