Our People

Our continued success comes through the loyalty, commitment and caring approach of the people who work for Athena – our team.

We have a unique way of hand-picking the most talented people and encouraging them to do more of what they love to do best.  We are proud of our grow-your-own approach.

When you opt for us as your Training Provider or seek our support via Athena’s best-in-class Consultancy Services, you are choosing to work with people who will pull out all the stops to make your safeguarding programme happen.

Our people thrive on creating an excellent customer experience and focusing their energy and expertise on the things that matter to you.

What makes our people special is their ability to meet our customers’ needs by thinking outside the box to solve your problems.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you an Athena solution that is high-quality, fun, creative, innovative and fantastic value for money.

Meet each member of the team here