SafeSeen Touch

SafeSeen Touch

We are proud to announce our partnership with SafeSeen Touch.

New to the dental market – SafeSeen Touch – a solution for all essential patient approvals, CQC compliance and CCTV monitoring requirements.

Presented as a handy tablet, SafeSeen Touch is easy for staff and patients alike to use. Its clear graphics and intuitive navigation make it superbly accessible.

Ending the paper trail, SafeSeen Touch eliminates the need for the paperwork that a practice produces on a daily basis and that must be continually managed.

And SafeSeen Touch does something that a standard paper system can’t do – it engages staff and patients, provides help and support and displays videos and demonstrations. It supports your management function with reminders and reports.

All of this, whilst giving you the peace of mind you need on a daily basis to continue providing the quality service your patients expect.

For more information please visit their website