Case Studies

Derventio Housing

Derventio Housing Trust supports people who have recent experience of homelessness. Their aim is for everyone to lead healthy and happy lives in a safe, secure place that they can call home. Homeless people are some of the most disadvantaged, marginalised and excluded people in society. Derventio Housing are committed to doing all they can to end the cycle of homelessness for as many individuals as possible.

Derventio Housing supports people who are homeless to change and improve their lives. Their support includes help with independent living, support through life’s challenges, and help to gain access to other services. They provide stable accommodation, and encourage their clients to think about their health, wellbeing and future. They also offer further opportunities and chances to improve life skills and inspire people to make safer and healthier lifestyle choices. They work closely with property owners, Local Authorities and a range of other agencies.

The Challenge

Derventio Housing Trust recognised the need to update the knowledge and skills of their Designated Safeguarding Lead. The Safeguarding Lead is also responsible for updating the organisation’s safeguarding policy and procedures and therefore this training was needed to support this task moving forward in relation to any changes in legislation, guidance and practice.

The Athena Solution

Athena provided two options:

Option 1:

To design, plan and deliver a Level 3 standard DSL safeguarding adults at risk course to be delivered face to face.

Option 2:

The Level 3 standard DSL course could be delivered remotely using Conference Calling or Skype and other  technologies. Whilst this style would limit face to face interaction, the benefits would be a very personal training session delivered by a safeguarding expert with a real focus on the delegates knowledge gaps and building confidence in  being able to  work effectively with their internal policy and procedures. Furthermore  it would be delivered in a shorter time frame and at a lower cost.

The Outcome

A remote training course was delivered in three hours. Using the current safeguarding policy and procedures of Derventio Housing Trust as a golden thread approach we developed and designed a bespoke Level 3 DSL safeguarding adults at risk bespoke remote session. This also included time for critical reflection and discussion of the internal safeguarding policy and procedures to ensure compliance.  Using our creative and visual exercises, quizzes and relevant case studies we were able to work with the delegate at their pace, understanding and within the context of the housing sector.  Athena provided a supporting handout, all course materials course and the required Certificate.

Having completed the remote DSL training course, the Designated Safeguarding Lead was able to continue fulfilling their key role and responsibilities including updating the organisation’s safeguarding policy and procedures making Derventio Housing Trust a safer organisation for both its clients, staff and volunteers.

Jackie Carpenter, Safeguarding Lead (Assistant Director Strategy & Development) said:

“What was great about the training was that it was delivered by experts in safeguarding issues, giving us reassurance that Athena knew at first hand what we should be doing and the trainer gave plenty of opportunity for me to raise specific issues through actual situations we had faced, so that it was truly bespoke training. She listened and learned about our client groups, and the difference services that we offer, which throw up different safeguarding challenges.”