Arts, Culture, Tourism & Leisure

Whether your business is an art gallery or museum, you run an orchestra, leisure park or visitor attraction, a cinema or fast food outlet catering for children’s parties – we are here to serve you.  Here at Athena we work with artists, musicians, festival organisers, children’s party planners and large-scale event co-ordinators.

Health and Safety risk assessments are standard fare in these sorts of environments where you want to maximise enjoyment and limit the chance of untoward incidents.

Similarly, we offer practical, simple support to ensure the true value of all your planning and work for that exhibition, concert – indoors or outdoors- is not lost.  We will guide you every step of the way  to make protection real for any child, young person  or vulnerable adult who is attending your event or accessing your venues.

Understand the risks, get up to speed on how your staff and volunteers can deploy all reasonable steps to ensure their own safety and that of your visitors and audience.

Our specialist areas in the broad arts,culture, tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors cover:

  • The Arts Council: Keeping arts safe and Directory of safeguarding advisers
  • Safer working practices
  • Newsletters, leaflets, posters, DVDs
  • Safeguarding for community events
  • Working with young people and one to one situations / physical contact
  • Safeguarding  handbooks and induction packs
  • E-safety and electronic communications
  • Familiarity – boundaries and behaviours
  • Safer recruitment