Construction and the Built Environment

This is a pioneering and revolutionary approach for safeguarding proudly in partnership with Class of Your Own and designed for student engagement and curriculum.  In these workshops you will find surveyors, architects, labourer co operatives, solicitors and builders.

As an organisation well-versed in working with building and construction companies, we design and deliver safeguarding training for your industry needs.  We can help you minimise the risk to yourself and any member of staff when you win that contract for instance to build or fit-out a school or care home where children and/or vulnerable adults(adults at risk) are present.  We can enhance your corporate social responsibility and make you legally compliant and show, like everyone else, that you care about the protection and  welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Our specialist areas in the construction and the built environment cover:

  • Risks associated with the use of e-safety, electronic communications and social media
  • Using appropriate behaviours and safer practice
  • Exploring safe ways of responding to inappropriate behaviour / approaches from vulnerable young people
  • The importance of staying within view of the teaching staff and ensuring they are present at all times
  • Safer practice checklists
  • How to support colleagues and understand the culture of safeguarding in the built environment.