Train the Trainer Pack

As part of our consultancy services we offer a ‘train the trainer pack’. This service is popular with organisations who either have existing training expertise or who require a more dynamic and creative training techniques.  It provides you with:

  • A bespoke safeguarding training package to enhance training and safeguarding knowledge deliverable in house
  • It’s for you and owned by you

This service includes planning time in partnership with your staff, preparation of the creative training materials and back office support services.

Our bespoke ‘train the trainer’ pack includes:

  1. Trainer’s Scripts
  2. PowerPoint slides (with Trainer’s Notes and as a Handout)
  3. Relevant Handouts
  4. Copies of Exercises (With Answers Where Appropriate)
  5. Relevant subject matter materials – legal guidance or internal documents
  6. Copy  materials for exercises

Our training skills reflect current theory practice in delivering training in your organisation.

In addition our support section of the pack would include general training tips e.g. equipment and preparation, tips for Using Trainer’s Notes, Supporting Information and Reading List, Glossary of Terms and Key Legislation and Guidance

Your staff will feel confident in their knowledge and newly acquired trainer skills to cascade safeguarding information across the workforce or volunteers.

Your organisation will become self supporting in the delivery of safeguarding training.