Trustees Development Days

We provide bespoke development days for the Board of Trustees of Charities. Using our creative techniques, experience of the voluntary sector combined with understating issues of compliance. This makes for not only a fun development day combined with a serious understanding for the safeguarding agenda and how it can impact on the work of your Charity.

Areas for the day can cover:

  • To have an understanding of Governance safeguarding arrangements and promoting a safer culture
  • To set the Vision and strategic action plan for achieving the version with shared ownership
  • Understanding of safeguarding roles and responsibilities of the Trustees
  • Undertake a skills audit
  • Understand and agree reporting structures, decision making, advice and guidance
  • Explore key themes of safeguarding as a leader
  • To have a basic understanding of safeguarding legislation and what this means for children, young people and vulnerable adults(adults at risk)
  • Explore key themes of safeguarding
  • Focus on the end users and capacity building for a safer culture and sustainable services