Training Services

We create and develop bespoke courses on any aspect of safeguarding. In partnership we decide the training agenda and we provide the training solutions to meet your needs. Our trainers are sector specific and have a vast range of expert knowledge and skills. The delivery style of all our training is dynamic, energetic and entertaining.  We make sure all staff and volunteers are confident and competent in responding to safeguarding concerns.

Our distinctive and personalised product will:

  • Give you reassurance that every safeguarding concern is acted upon
  • Be based upon current legislation, national and local guidance
  • Improve and maintain high standards of practice and excellence in service provision
  • Be relevant, in-depth and immediately useful for small and large groups
  • Show understanding of the day to day safeguarding issues specific to your sector
  • Relate to the whole person and the more personally involved a person is with the training the more effective change takes place
  • Have an ethos of multi-agency working
  • Use case studies based on real life scenarios or specific stories that you want your staff to resolve
  • Offer co-training with members of your organisation
  • Provide a trainer who can offer an independent perspective, can constructively challenge, and keep the focus of the child or vulnerable adult(adult at risk) – a “win-win” solution where there may be resistance to the safeguarding agenda
  • Offer a 360 degree training process to include a comprehensive feedback report following  completion of every training programme.

You can find examples of some of the bespoke training packages we have created on our Case Studies pages.