Safeguarding Children Level 4

Our Child Protection Level 4 course is aimed at experienced practitioners who have contact with children. It focuses on current Joint Investigation processes between the Police and Child Social Care professionals from the beginning of a referral to its conclusion. It provides an insight into Specialist Police interviews of children, police investigations, use of forensic evidence, medical examinations and the use of the Criminal Justice system to manage investigations and suspects.

This Child Protection Level 4 course explores the world of Child Protection Conferences and the skills needed to chair and manage effective information-sharing. It also covers the need for protecting children by way of Care Proceedings when criminal proceedings are not applicable and managing contact with children with those who pose a risk of harm.

This can be delivered as a one-day course or more detailed two-day course.

The additional learning outcomes on the two-day course would also include:

  • Awareness of current legislation
  • Relevant criminal offences
  • Police Emergency powers
  • Evidence
  • Specialist interview of children
  • Arrest, charge, bail procedures
  • Post charge – Court Procedures
  • Governance for Child Protection Conferences
  • Structured approach to chairing meetings
  • Post investigation managing risks