Managing and Developing Multi-Agency Safeguarding Teams

Managing and developing multi-agency teams is a challenging task.  Ultimately the aim for these teams is to own a shared understanding of the tasks, processes, principles, and roles and responsibilities outlined in national guidance and local arrangements for safeguarding children.

Our bespoke courses for your team will prove to offer more effective and integrated services at both the strategic and frontline level.  The training will improve communications between professionals including a common understanding of key terms, definitions, and thresholds for action for effective working relationships.

The aims of the course cover:

  • For the team to know and develop their unique culture of working together
  • To understand the lines of, systems and complexity of accountability within integrated working
  • To map the professional history of the group
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the group’s professional identities
  • Understanding the emotional content of working together from different professional backgrounds
  • Understanding and exploring roles and responsibilities of team members
  • An understanding of the shared vision
  • Understanding each team member’s professional identity