Reflective Practice and Emotional Intelligence

This is our specialism! Through the use of creative techniques we can ensure participants get to know themselves understanding how this affects their relationship based practice. Reflective practice is simply the way we look back, analyse what we have done and then find ways to see what we can do differently.  Our course allows you to recognise that your past experiences affect our current attitudes and behaviours. Bringing your emotional intelligence to the forefront enables you to understand that you do not always consciously realise how your experiences affect your behaviour. This course allows you to be curious and analytical about yourself, those you work with and they way you deliver your services. The areas covered include:

  • Exploring your personal journey
  • Social work tasks
  • Engagement of users
  • Assessment and observation
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration and co-operation
  • Dealing with stress
  • Apply critical thinking augmented by creativity and curiosity.
  • Identify, distinguish, evaluate and integrate multiple sources of knowledge and evidence.
  • Draw on practice evidence, their own practice experience, service user and carer experience, together with research-based, organisational, policy and legal knowledge.