Investigating Adults at Risk of Abuse Level 4

Ideally suited to those employed within a Local Authority’s Integrated Safeguarding Adults team and having responsibility for investigating adult abuse allegations.

We focus here on the activities required to manage all referrals to a conclusion. This is an in-depth three-day course that will provide your staff with the skills and confidence to investigate adult abuse referrals, culminating in the production of a user- friendly checklist or investigation tool.

This course can cover:

  • skills in creating a safe environment for speaking/ interviewing including the use of questioning styles
  • issues around being sensitive to service users’ needs within the investigative process
  • developing skills and understanding in the context of an organic and safe investigative decision-making process (who, when, why, what)
  • building participants’ confidence in challenging and working with external providers and key stakeholders
  • knowledge and skills on sharing information and multi-agency working
  • how participants become confident in and understand the collating of evidence to support witness statements
  • the importance of evidence (balance of probabilities) in final reports
  • facilitation to allow delegates to explore for themselves issues of challenging others whilst working with complex information
  • expanding theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the use of narrative theory and narrative accounts
  • gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills in solution-focused practice to increase confidence when conducting interviews
  • learning how to recap and rephrase evidential points
  • learning about their own capacity and depth of emotional intelligence
  • the creation of a user-friendly investigative tool for participants to utilise in the workplace